Investment Thesis

We understand the importance of you investing your money into Boopie and I don’t think it’s a decision that you take lightly.

For this reason, we want to breakdown why investing in Boopie is a smart thing to do.

First, if you’re looking for a quick flip then absolutely nothing below matters.

We don’t control the market or pricing.

What we do control is the short-term future of this project. Short-term?

Well, yes, the bigger the Boopie community comes, the more important it is for us to listen your voices to help guide where Boopie goes.

But until that point, we have to show you the direction we’re trying to take things and if you like it then you’ll show us.

And don’t worry, if you don’t like it then we definitely know you’ll show us.


It’s important to talk about this first.

Many people invest in NFTs because they want to see the value go up so they can sell them later.

There is no point in investing in something that you feel isn’t going to go up in value.

Let’s not pretend that it isn’t something important.

It is and we believe the value of an NFT increases with two things:

  1. The community behind it
  2. The utility of it


It’s everything. In our normie lives we are community builders. It’s what we do.

The real work for Boopie begins AFTER minting happens and you can count on the fact that we will be with our community every single day.

There are no weeks of silence pretending to focus on development.

We want to be in our community, not sit over it.

Too many NFT projects rely on the communities to do the heavy-lifting and while we will be forever grateful for anything our future community does for us, it’s important that we go in with the mindset that we expect YOU to take control and lead this project to success.


This is kind of where we’re supposed to make vague promises.

But we aren’t game developers and we don’t even know what a Boopie game would look like. Sure maybe one appears in the next decade but we can’t tell you that a game is in the works.

Also, due to us being in the United States we can’t say right away that there will be some Boopie coins that you’ll receive as passive income to continue to make money.

Don’t get us wrong, we would love for that to happen and when we are sure legally we can make it work we’ll be the first ones to do it.

So what utility will these weird-ass Boopies have for you?

Holding a Gen 0 or 1 Boopie in your wallet means you’ll get a lot of airdrops.

There are already 4 more generations of Boopies being worked on which means in the next couple of months you’ll receive more Boopies (these look completely different from Gen 0/1 Boopies).

You won’t have to wait years.

Sigh, we know this will be asked so yes, you’ll get a new Boopie for EACH Boopie you hold in your wallet.

With each generation we will make sure to do something cool with them.

But wait, won’t that affect the price of Gen 0/1 Boopies by flooding the market?

Every generation of Boopie takes a different form and each will have its own utility attached.

We want to build Boopie into a global brand that everyone loves which will only increase the value of the Boopies that you do hold.

Distribution of Funds (Work in Progress)

This section is a work in progress.

It’s silly to pretend that NFTs don’t make money. Boopie should make a lot of money and that money should be used to make the world a better place.

Currently this is how we see royalty funds from secondary markets being distributed:

  • 25% to the BoopSquad Treasury. Boopie Gen 0/1 Holders are part of the BoopSquad and they get to decide how funds in the treasury should be used to both help people and grow the Boopie brand.

Our Vision

Just like you we want to live in a better place.

We want people to live happy lives.

We want people to enjoy the fact that they get to wake up each day.

And we believe that people helping people is one of the greatest things in the world.

Boopie is meant to show you that even though you are different, we are the same.

The Boopie Community is going to be known as a community that goes out of its way to help people.

Large donations to charities. Fundraising for those in need. Volunteering when needed.

If you don’t care about this shit, that’s fine. Your Boopie will go up in value because of it though.

We want everyone to want a Boopie not because it has become a great investment, but because it means something great to them.