Our philosophy behind the Boopie Roadmap is to have our short-term plans concrete and offer flexibility with what can happen in the future.

While there are more events planned than what you see on this page, showing them would give away the journey of Boopie.

October 18th – Public Minting (0.5 Sol)

The search began for the alts. 2,200 personalities spread across different places in time and space.

We found them all.

October 13th – Pre-Splice Event

The first major Boopie event begins.

What’s going to happen? The story will unfold, but there is a lot that is about to happen in the Boopieverse.

Boopie holders will begin the journey of trying to find Boopie. What will they find along the way? Some crazy shit, that’s for sure.

Date TBD – The 1st Splice Event

There is no date for this event to begin because it must be triggered through certain criteria.

  • 70% of Gen 1 alts held in wallets
  • Pre-Splice event has concluded. What does this mean? You’ll just have to wait until the Pre-Splice event to see what’s at stake.

Future Events…

  • Boopie Marketplace (end of November / early December)
  • Boopie Custom Generator (early 2022)
  • Boopie DAO (before the end of 2021)
  • Boopie Merchandise (end of October)
  • …and more as our minds continue to expand the Boopieverse

What Else?

For Boopie holders:

  • Monthly (closer to bi-monthly) airdrops. The next 3 months are already lined up.
  • Free airdrops of Future Gen X Boopies. These will only enhance the Boopie brand, not dilute it.
  • Whitelist access to special Boopie collabs with artists looking to insert their collections into the Boopieverse.