Welcome Ghoulie Gang!

When I wrote the Q1 2022 Roadmap I mentioned something that almost felt like a footnote.

It was on acquiring other projects and integrating them into the Boopieverse.

From the outside this can seem like a strange proposition unless the project is doing really well and you can build off of it.

But those weren’t the projects that I was looking for.

It’s important to remember that at the moment The Boopieverse is still pretty small with regards to community and volume.

So with that in mind I wanted to look for projects with massive potential that for one reason or another were under-performing.

We are at the stage of the SOL NFT game where a lot of projects are starting to slip away into that forgotten realm. It could be that the devs have given up but usually it’s that the devs just didn’t have enough time to fulfill their vision due to how the community took things.

Remember, the community dictates what happens on the market. It’s out of the hands of the devs at that point.

And unfortunately, if things don’t pop off right away for a project the community can quickly get anxious and expect you to do everything.

It’s tough and understandably a lot of people just aren’t ready to handle that. Nobody is at fault, it’s just how it plays out a lot.

So with that in mind I think it’s a good opportunity to look for projects that would fit well under the Boopieverse. I came up with this idea because I was holding Ghoulie Gang.

To put it simply I love the art and I always felt that there was an amazing story to tell there so I reached out to @GrouchyGhoulie with a proposition.

Bringing Ghoulie Gang under the Boopieverse and let’s build this thing out.

After a bit of back and forth and discussing with their community it looks like we are moving forward with moving Ghoulies under Boopie.

So I guess the question is why?

Why More Projects?

I think this is the question to ask. How do more collections benefit Boopieverse?

We can look at both the short-term and long-term perspectives.


One might think the play is money, but with a collection that has volume this low there isn’t much money to be gained in the short-term.

So then what’s the deal?


At the moment, and possibly forever, the NFT market is dictated by community and the community is dictated by the people in it.

By bringing in Ghoulies the play is to bring in more amazing people not only to interact with, but to help build The Boopieverse overall.

Because we don’t use bots, influencers, or any other rapid growth tactics, our organic growth will always be slow for a while and we’re okay with that.

We’re building a community of people that like to engage on a human level with meaningful discussions.

But that’s tough to maintain long-term if you don’t continue to grow and so this is a way for us to do that.


As The Boopieverse grows it’s important that we have many different opportunities for people to join.

If we are looking to bring MILLIONS of people into NFTs then a couple 5k collections isn’t going to cut it.

But we also can’t flood the market with Boopie collections. There has to be other things, other stories, other characters that attract a diverse group of people.

Someone might see a RagTag and not really like it that much, but they might fall in love with a Ghoulie.

This brings them into the Boopieverse and introduces them to all that we offer.

In some cases, as is the case with Ghoulie Gang, it also means being able to work with some amazing on growing things.

So we are very excited to welcome Ghoulie Gang under the Boopieverse brand.

We still have a lot of work to do with things, but it’s important that we got this out to let people know that not only are we moving forward, but so is the Ghoulie Community.

New Collection. New Lore.

With the introduction of the Ghoulie Gang that means new lore.

You can’t be part of The Boopieverse until you are really part of The Boopieverse.

So check out the story of Ghoulie Gang and what’s coming for them.

Great Project Looking for a New Home?

If you have a project that you feel still has great potential but is running into obstacles and you think it could be a good fit under The Boopieverse. Hit me up on Twitter.